[Delivery Fee] KL & SELANGOR RM20 ; Outstation RM35/box ; Singapore RM90/box
【W.M FREE DELIVERY】 : KL & SELANGOR Order above RM250 ; Outstation Order above RM400
【SG】 Delivery Service & Coverage

【新加坡宅配服务 & 范围】*Scroll down for English Version*

I. 运费 & 宅配服务

  • 运送日为星期二至星期日
  • 订单最低消费: SGD50 (RM150) 
  • 运费每箱 SGD30 (RM90)  *[若所购买的产品装不进普通尺寸保丽龙箱将会另外征收费用]

⚠️注意 :以下这几种产品都无法入境新加坡:-

  • 干料 (蚝干、螺片、花蛤干、扇贝干...)
  • 贝类 (扇贝、日本啦啦、东方螺、小带子、大带子)
  • 鸡肉
  • 加工食品 (黑胡椒鸡扒、烟熏鸡扒、榴莲麻糍、红烧鲍鱼等等)
  • 酱料

II. 宅配范围

我们的运输覆盖新加坡大部分地区,不包括以下岛屿 :-

【Singapore Delivery Service】

I. Delivery Fee & Delivery Day

  • Delivery on every Tuesday to Sunday
  • Minimum Order : SGD50 (RM150) ; 
  • Delivery Fee :SGD30 (RM90) PER BOX  *[Additional charges may incur if all the items cannot fit in normal size polysterene box]

⚠️PLEASE TAKE NOTE :The following items are prohibited to exports :-

  • Dried Seafood (Dried Oyster, Sliced Whelk,  Dried Clam, Dried Scallop...)
  • Shellfish (Scallops, Japanese Clam, Whelk, White & Small Scallop)
  • Chicken
  • Manufacture Food (Black Pepper Chicken Chop, Smoked Chicken Chop, Durian Mochi, Braised Abalone...) 
  • Sauce & Paste

II. Delivery Coverage

Our delivery cover most area of Singapore except the following Island :-