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Red Shrimp Meat | Isi Udang Merah | 红虾肉
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Red Shrimp Meat
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  • Option 1 : 450g+-/pack
  • Option 2 : 5 small pack in 1 (450g+-)
肉质肥厚, 味道鲜甜, 富含蛋白质。适合用于炒菜。适合用于炒饭/炒面, 炒菜, 炒蛋等等。
Extremely fleshy, with a sweet and fresh taste, rich in protein. Suitable for fried rice/noodles, vegetables, shrimp scrambled egg, etc


Origin/产地:Sekinchan 适耕庄
Wild Caught 野生捕捞
First-hand Local Wild Seafood 第一手本地海鲜
Descaled & Gutted 去鳞、去内脏
Individual vacuum packing 独立真空包装
100% Preservatives Free 100% 无防腐