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Dragon Grouper Head | 龙虎斑鱼头 (Half 半边)
Price RM17.10 - RM18.45 RM32.10 - RM33.45
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Dragon Grouper (Head)
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肉质鲜嫩美味, 适合, 清蒸,  明炉, 红烧等等.
Smooth and tender fleshy.
Cooking methods:steamed, Thai style steamed, braised, etc

Deep Sea Farmed Fish 深海养殖
100% Preservatives Free 100% 无防腐剂
Descaled & Gutted 去鳞、去内脏
Individual vacuum packing 独立真空包装
Descaled & Gutted 去鳞去内脏