[Delivery Fee] KL & SELANGOR RM20 ; Outstation RM35/box ; Singapore RM90/box
【W.M FREE DELIVERY】 : KL & SELANGOR Order above RM250 ; Outstation Order above RM400
【MY】Delivery Service & Coverage

【西马宅配服务 & 范围】*Scroll down for English Version*

I.       运费  


西马免运:雪隆区订单消费超过RM250, 外坡订单消费超过RM400)只限单张收据



II.      配送范围

我们的运输覆盖大部分西马半岛地区, 请参考以下配送列表。

III.     配送方式与时间

为了维持海鲜产品的新鲜度,海成发採用 -18 °C 低温配送冷链生鲜物流。配送时间与路线将由宅配人员安排且视当天道路情况等等其他因素(公共假期)做出改变,并非本公司能控制之责。本公司将无法满足消费者特定的配送时间。若有任何配送延误,请尽快与客服联系。

  • 消费者于下单当天5.30pm之前确认订单完成付款, 本公司将会在1-2个工作天出货,送货的前一天客服会先与您联系,消费者可以在评论区注明指定送货日期(如有),恕不接受指定送货时间
  • 若消费者订购的商品第一次配送无人签收或者因消费者个人因素导致无法送达,并要求第二次配送,消费者需要自行承担额外的运输费或本公司有权单方取消该笔订单无法退还款项

【Peninsular Malaysia Delivery Service & Coverage】
I.          Delivery Fee

Selangor & KL are levied at RM20/order, while other states are levied at RM35/box.

(West Malaysia Free delivery : KL & Selangor orders above RM250 ; Other States orders above RM400 (For Single Receipt Only)


II.        Delivery Area

Our delivery covers most of the areas in Peninsular Malaysia. Please refer to our list of Available Coverage Areas for our Deliver Services.


III.       Delivery Services And Time

In order to maintain the freshness of the seafood, Hai Seng Huat adopts -18 °C low-temperature cold chain logistic.

  • The delivery times are subjected to the route arranged by the delivery staff or route change based on the external factors (Public Holiday), which is not in the control range of our company. Please be informed that we are unable to meet specific time upon requests. If there is any delivery delay, please  contact our customer service immediately, we will try our best to track the delivery status for consumers.
  • Upon receiving consumer orders and payment before 5.30pm on the day of the order, the delivery typically takes place within 1-2 days from the date of order, you will be informed by our customer service on the delivery date. Consumers are required to leave their comment at the comment box for any specified delivery date (if any) and please take note that we do not accept any specific delivery time.
  • In the event of unsuccessful delivery attempt due to the recipient’s absence or recipent's refuse to receive order or any other personal factor of recipient, we will arrange another date for second delivery (consumers shall bear the extra delivery fees for the second time delivery).OR we have the right to unilaterally cancel the order and the payment are not refundable.