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Assam Fish Instant Paste | 亞参鱼即煮酱料
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  • Serve 4 - 6 persons 供 4-6人食用
    **Not available for Singapore**

1. 蒸
- 将1包亚参酱料用清水 (1茶匙) 搅拌均匀,然后淋在鱼身上 (500克),放入蒸锅蒸熟, 趁热享用。

2. 炒
先在锅内烧热1汤匙食油,加入1包亚参酱料,加入洋葱,以慢火炒1分钟,加入鱼或其他海鲜 (1公斤), 清水 (400ml), 炒5分钟,趁热享用。

Cooking Suggestion :
1. Steam
- Blend Instant Assam Fish Paste (1 pkt), water (1tbsp) in a bowl until well mixed. Pour evenly on fish (500g), steam till cooked through, serve hot.

2. Stir - Fry
Heat up 1 spoon oil and stir fry Assam Fish Instant Paste together with sliced onion for 1 minutes. Add fish or seafood (1kg) and water (400ml), stir continuosly over medium heat for another 5 minutes, serve hot.